Allegra Villarreal

As an experienced educational consultant, I collaborate with organizations and individuals to design inclusive, impactful learning environments.

Explore examples of my work that showcase the breadth and caliber of my consulting services and committment to client success:

I have had the privilege of working with organizations such as:

Instructional Media

Below are examples of multimedia instructional content that I've created to support effective teaching and learning for a variety of audiences.

VIDEOS Tutorial

Scriptwriting & Editing

A step-by-step guide to using collaborative annotation in college.

Writing Process Trailer

Scriptwriting & Editing

An overview of the key stages of effective writing and editing.

Soil Types Explainer


An collaborative explainer video on soil types for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.


1000 Years of Storytelling

E-Book (Kindle)

A curriculum for teachers of Early British Literature to accompany the OER Textbook.

Friction-Free Syllabus Design

Substack Article

A guide on revising course syllabi using the principles of User Experience (UX) for instructors.

Adapting Courses for Online Instruction

Companion Guide

This was developed as a supplement for the "Intentional Adaptation" training in Spring 2020.

Collaborative Curriculum Design

These open educational resource (OER) textbooks showcase my commitment to collaborative curriculum development.As an author and editor of each, I worked with dozens of expert contributors to create comprehensive, accessible texts that support learning in various disciplines.

Indigenizing Education for Climate Action

An anthology highlighting the works of Indigenous authors and their allies from around the world.

An Open Companion to Early British Literature

An anthology co-authored with over 100 community college students as an "open pedagogy" project.

Reading, Writing and Thinking in the College Classroom

A co-authored book highlighting interdisciplinary strategies to engage college students in reading, writing and critical thinking.

Graphic Design & Copywriting

Below is a selection of projects that showcase my ability to craft compelling visuals and engaging copy for a variety of purposes and audiences.


Student Recruitment Flyer

A recruitment flyer seeking applications for a selective college success program.

Storybrand Landing Page

A teacher recruitment landing page using the Storybrand framework.


Visual Course

A visual college course syllabus for student audiences.

Failure Lab

Sketchnotes taken during during a workshop with key concepts.


Facilitation Guide Teamwork Activity

A 2-page facilitation guide for an inclusive teambuilding activity.

Spark Cards: 99 Icebreakers

A deck of 99 question cards for classroom and community events.

Webinars & Workshops

Below are recordings of some of the online workshops and webinars I've designed and conducted on various topics related to educational design, online learning, and professional development.

PARA (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive) in Notion

A PoP-Up Session for the Building a Second Brain community where I discuss using Notion for mindful productivity.

Indigenizing Education for Climate Action Webinar

As part of book promotion, a session I co-facilitated with Diana Mastracci Sánchez for Catch the Next's monthly webinar series.

Guiding with Purpose: UX and the Community College Student

In this professional development session for college advisors, I discuss the student experience and conduct an "empathy mapping" activity before group discussion.

When Story is the Deciding Factor: Crafting Persuasive Narratives

In this session, I discuss how I coach students through the essay writing process for college admissions as part of Texas On Course's monthly webinar series.